Thursday 25 April 2024

Yet More Photos from the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2024

 Here are my photos in reverse order, taken at CLASS 2024.


Robert Bernardo

organizer - Commodore Los Angeles Super Show

Late Sunday dinner at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Those who stayed 'til the very end on Sunday

Ack!  The timer fired before I could get in the pic!

Richard Goedeken wins the prize in the competition!

Missy speaks to David Pleasance.

All the info on the ESP32 Floppy Drive Tester

Richard Goedeken's ESP32 Floppy Drive Tester

Sev with daughter Emma and son Marc

Archiving Amiga floppy disks to .ADF's

Bottom of an Amiga Joyboard

A complete Amiga Joyboard package

The back of the Amiga Joyboard box

The front of the Amiga Joyboard box

Door prizes - floppy disks, Amiga Christmas music, LittleSixteen

Raffle prizes (not pictured are the 1541-II an 1581)

Marc Rifkin (upper right) talks to the attendees.

Marc and his Amiga Video Toaster set-up

Debbie and Mario at the entrance of our venue

Items to look over

THEC64 Mini

Two Mini PET's

Ultimate 64 running a Bond demo

NTSC VIC-20 running the game, FiZZ

THEA500 Mini running a Spaceballs demo

Amiga Forever running on the laptop

Rich plays a game on the Plus/4

Paku Paku on the PC20-III

Another demo, this time on the A3000

Can you identify the demo on the A1200?

And another demo, this time on the A4000

Running a Sega game

Running a driving game

Saturday dinner at Nu Wok with David, Eric, Robert, & Bernie

Missy snuggles up to Captain Kirk!

Some of the Sunday crowd

The back of a Commodore shares' certificate

The front of a Commodore shares' certificate

The view on Saturday

And becoming more crowded on Saturday

A multi-ROM cartridge for the C64

Playing on Friday night, April from the bar

Also on Friday night, Juan (or is that Jose) from the bar

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