Sunday 24 October 2021

CleoRAM - improved GeoRAM - now available!

Francois “Eslapion” Leveille has developed CleoRAM – a clone of the classic GeoRAM cartridge… but improved.


CleoRAM (Compact, Lightweight RAM) specifications are:


CleoRAM capacities – 2 MB or 4 MB 

Size – 5.8 x 6.5cm (same as original C= cartridge. Cartridge case not included.) 

Weight – 30 grams 

Battery for back-up – CR2032 lithium (battery not included) 

Power consumption – 35 mA 

Battery life – 3 years (estimated) 

Edge connector – gold-plated 

Compatibility – C64, C64C, C128, Ultimate 64 

Price – $57 US (50 Euros) for the 2 MB version, $8 US shipping to US, 8 Euros shipping to Europe. 

$90 US (77 Euros) for the 4 MB version. $8 US shipping to the US, 8 Euros shipping to Europe.


Contact – eslapion(at) or eslapion.fl(at)


by personal message at or 


Paypal payments only to eslapion(at) 


Details from Francois – This product works well on all C64, C64c, and C128 (1 Mhz and 2 MHz). also works perfectly well on the Ultimate 64, and it does support higher operation speeds up to 48MHz. Although the Ultimate 64 does already have GeoRAM emulation built-in, you still have the benefit of battery backup with CleoRAM. 


CleoRAM (and GeoRAM) compatible applications are: 


GEOS 64 (with appropriate Configure), GEOS 128 (with appropriate Configure), Wheels 64 (with Toolbox update), Wheels 128 (with Toolbox update), CP/M, GeoRAM Digi (C64), Funkpaint (C64), Volley for Two (C128) and the tools at


and the games at


For other Leveille products (drive logic array substitute, PLA substitute, DRAM replacement board, TED expansion, VDC expansion, clock generator), go to COREi64 at


CleoRAM with CR2032 battery back-up

Voltage draw of CleoRAM

RAM test of CleoRAM

Thursday 21 October 2021

Ray Carlsen custom cable!

Ray just built four of these custom Commodore a/v cables for me. The cable is special, because it has a composite out, s-video out, RCA audio out plug, and 1/8" female audio out with dual mono output (for those off-the-shelf computer speakers found in stores).

Friday 15 October 2021

Friday set-up for Amiwest 2021

Going over the details

Getting the a/v equipment running

Checking out SCSI boards

Prepping the club sales' table

The tables are being prepped.

More tables to fill with goodies

Still unpacking

Food for those helping out~

Building a projection screen

Amiga small talk