Monday 11 December 2017

Meeting Commodorians/Amigans at Amiga North Thames

AmigaOne board inside a Kickstarter case
Lots of cooling power
All the card slots
All the connections
All together
Steve C.'s collection of cartridges
Inside the Sound Expander
Outside the Sound Expander
This is nice!
Reset 64 magazine - the printed version
Fitting into a tower case
Yes, it all fits.
Must add more components
Another AmigaOne
And another
Steve C.'s C64 set-up
You guessed it... another AmigaOne.
Hey, what's that Mac Mini in the corner!
One view of the St. Mary Magdalene church hall
The other view of the church hall
Hey, I have this same tower sans the Amiga badge.
Michael Carrillo (foreground), leader of ANT
On Oct. 8 I visited the Amiga North Thames meeting in Enfield (north London).  Though I arrived an hour early, I had to leave early, too.  I could've stayed another hour or two.  Thanks to Chris F. who befriended me there and gave me a ride back to the train station.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

Meeting Amigans at the Lincolnshire Amiga Group

My NTSC A600 is powered up!
Explaining a HxC Floppy Emulator in a 1541 case
A close-up of this floppy drive emulator
How the parallel cable exits out the back
The front panel
Yup, there's a Raspberry Pi in there.
Sweet mini-arcade box!
Now this A1200 has serious sound!
Oh, this CD32 still uses the epoxied power brick.
Yes, put it on the big screen!
Too many Competition Pros on this A1200!
As usual, LAG has a great spread of snacks.
Now this AmigaOne is very glossy.
Running AmigaOS on a laptop
Oscilloscope - Amiga style
Not the usual meeting room
Chairman Michael Domoney (foreground), film-maker Steve Fletcher
Departing Welton Hall
The view outside my B&B window
I was able to attend the October 7 LAG meeting in Lincoln, north England, after being away for 3 years.  I felt very much at home with the friendly members.  Their leader, Michael Domoney, was his usual hospitable self.  If only I could visit more often...

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

Meeting Commodorians/Amigans in Sussex, Prague, and Wales

Plus/4 King Peter Hanson (left), C=/Amigan Selwyn Aston (center)
Then we went up Brighton's i360 Observation Tower.
Vaclav B. (left), Tomas V. (center right), Tomas M. (right)

Vaclav showed me the area near the Czech presidential palace.
Looking down High Street in Cardiff, Wales
Special cookies!
I pick up my repaired Amiga 600.
Chris and Matthew of AmigaKit
Before going to Sweden, I spent several days in West Sussex, meeting with my long-time friends.  After Sweden, I went to Prague, the Czech Republic, where I met with Commodorians.  After the Czech Republic, I was back in the United Kingdom, taking the train to visit AmigaKit in Cardiff, Wales.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

Meeting Commodorians/Amigans in Sweden

Stockholm - the Old Town area
programmer Jonas "Bjonte" H., Robert B, programmer Dimitris P.
Mandagsklubben (Monday Club) at the Wok House Restaurant
Commodorian David C. (left) recommends the club.
Dimitris and Jonas discuss while the gamers play on the screen.
My first visit to the club and not enough time there
I must return to the club another day!
From Sept. 24 to Sept. 27 I visited Stockholm, Sweden.  My first time in the city, I was happy to meet my friends Jonas, Dimitris, and David there.  We talked a lot about Commodore and Amiga, and going to the weekly Monday Club was a surprise!  The club is into retro game consoles and retro computers.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group