Monday 27 March 2017

PaCommEx at the 1st Floor of the Living Computers: Museum + Labs

The LCM+L entrance
What you see when you enter
The museum store
Unfortunately, no Commodore books
Instead of the yellow sofa, the PaCommEx tables will be lined up.
We'll use of projector and speakers (currently projecting "labs").
Lockers in which to store valuables
Another view of the first floor
In the southeast corner, the educational exhibits
Another view of the corner
The eating area where you can bring your own food
Notice the power strips along the eating counter
$2 for a cup of coffee (refillable?)
The few snacks you can buy at the museum
The entryway to the restrooms
Try out virtual self-driving
VR and AR glasses (but no CastAR!)
Control the robotic arms!
For sale in the gift shop. $12
Yes!  Commodore DOS, GEOS, and AmigaOS!
Very high on a display shelf
Don't forget to use anti-virus on your hands!
(2nd floor) Custom C64 power supply from Ray Carlsen
Decorate your Commodore with strobe lights like KITT the car!
As a review before the June 10-11 Pacific Commodore Expo NW, here are some shots of the first floor of the Living Computers: Museum + Labs in Seattle, Washington, USA.  PaCommEx will be held on the first floor of the LCM+L.

Writing from Medford, Oregon,
Robert Bernardo
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