Monday 27 May 2019

Yet again more CLASS 2019 photos

Trying out the PET 4032
In discussion
Jason pets the Toolbox LA dog!
Debbie talks to Kenny.
Dan was our A/V guy.
Prepping for videography
Latest books and the old modems next to WiFi 64 modem
A lot of interest in Matt's set-ups
Nope, he couldn't drink that on the premises.
A lot of interest in Mario's A1000
And interest in the Amiga CD32
Nearing the end of the day
Plenty of SCCAN members at the show
Plenty of SCCAN #2
During Marc Rifkin's talk
Spellbound #2!
These are some more photos of the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show, this time provided by Uncle Spam.

Robert Bernardo
Commodore Los Angeles Super Show -
June 8-9 Pacific Commodore Expo NW -
August 10-11 Commodore Vegas Expo v15 -

Wednesday 22 May 2019

Bay Area Maker Faire 2019

Ultimate 64 next to Amiga 600
Spectrum 128 clone next to Amiga CD32
Two Vectrexes next to MiSTer running Space War
From, these books generated a lot of interest.
Poly-88 that would run Star Trek for most of the show
Atari boxes and software
Two of the three Ataris
And the other Atari
Friday night and the traditional paella served after the show
There was also vegetarian paella.
Adding shrimp to the chicken paella
Only a few tried the dance pad with the U64.
Next to our exhibit was the one for the Computer History Museum.
Robot take-over!
Gabriele Gorla (center) of GGLABS
Makers of little devices
One view of the booth
Another view of the booth
Unicart for the C64 or C128 (bottom view)
Unicart (top view)
GLINK-LT next to serial adapter
Our Vintage Computer Friends booth
That's the biggest skateboard!
Led by Erik Klein, the Vintage Computer Friends (classic computers) booth was once again at the giant Bay Area Maker Faire, held on May 17-19 in San Mateo (San Francisco area), California.  This year the booth was pushed to the back of the Expo Hall, instead of our usual central location.  This year we had less table space, and consequently, less computers to exhibit.  However, we still had hundreds coming through to see, to reminisce, and to discover the old and the new.

For a quick video look-around, go to

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group -

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Mario's photos of CLASS 2019

What greets you at the front door
The sign-in table with attendee freebies
A PET 4032 for raffle
The Commodore 128 for raffle
Amiga 600 with OS 3.1, 2 meg Chip RAM, 2 gig CF hd
Amiga 2000 with OS 3.1, 2 meg Chip RAM, '060 Blizzard
Amiga 500 plus
The Miracle Keyboard attached to Amiga
CDTV with keyboard and disk drive
CD32 and MiST FPGA box
Plus/4 running Zombie Calavera
Amiga 1000 with OS 2.04
Commodore 128DCR with RAMLink
Commodore 64C
Specs on Richard's Amiga 3000
His A3000 with Klipsch speaker system
The paperwork at Marc Rifkin's table
The usual banner decorating the bus
SX-64 with CMD FD-4000 disk drive
Ultimate 64 housed in a black C64 breadbin case
C64C with JiffyDOS
PET 4032
VIC-20 with Behr-Bonz cartridge

Gotta center the screen on the A600
Sev Kocharian's A1200
Playing with the A1000
Top down look at a Gotek inside an A3000
Wider view of the systems
Entranced by the gaming
Listening to Ed Trillo speak about SSI
More who were listening
Another angle on Ed
Wider view of the 8-bit table
The Toolbox LA cafe
And the diner/lounge
The view when you enter Toolbox LA
Pointing to the second floor
A private room in Toolbox LA
Another private room
Another view of the diner/lounge
Fancy second floor restroom
Another view
And another restroom
Another game on the C64C
64 Mini being displayed on the monitor
Nearer to the 64 Mini
NeoHabitat running on the C64C
Getting the video projector ready
Simone Bernacchia speaks about making Amiga game music.
He continues.
Another view
Packing away
Getting into position on the bus
The final shot
Here are Mario Luppi's pics of the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show which was held at Toolbox LA in Chatsworth, California.

Robert Bernardo
April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show -