Thursday 31 January 2019

Retro City Festival 2019 photos

Friday afternoon... the hall is not ready yet.
Some of the tables reserved for SCCAN
By tomorrow, these will be filled.
One of the indoor stages
Another stage beyond the tables
A look down the hall
The entrance to Building 9
The faithful station wagon full of C=/Ami gear
Starting to set up
Steve's C64 and Apple IIe
All needs to be organized.
Over 6 hours later, it's organized!
NeXT computer on the far left
The Amiga 2000 looking good
The popular Oregon Trail on the Apple
Running well
Plus/4 died early Sunday. Replaced by another Plus/4
Organizer Steve Cortez (left) scans the arcade before the show.
Nice signage!
A map of the interior.  Guess where we are?!
The sales vendors are in full swing.
Playing Shredz64 with the Guitar Hero guitar
Looking down the tables
SCCAN member Sev tests out his Amiga 1200.
Yup, live music indoors...
...and the bar in front of the live music.
The game museum
Amiga CD32 in the game museum
Carnival food vendors open for Retro City Fest
famous Pink's Hot Dogs
And the celebrities who visited them
Sev, Robert, and Kenny
Jim Happel's VR64 and Street Defender - a crowd pleaser
The only game that worked on the NeXT - billiards
Fly a jet with the A1200!
One of the games on the A2000
Some attendees liked to read the specs.
Digiloi, a popular game on the Plus/4
Tim W., Richard G., and Nolan G.
Plus/4 joystick adapters from
Clearing out on Sunday night
The January 5-6 Retro City Festival in Pomona, California, attracted thousands of attendees who wanted to play the arcade games and pinball machines.  They were also surprised to see the bank of Commodore and Amiga computers that members of SCCAN brought to exhibit.  There was a steady flow of attendees to use the computers, but it was not overwhelming (which is good because I was usually the only one to man the tables!).  In fact, I had to get the other non-club computers going, too, like the NeXT and the Apple II.

A short video of the fest is at

We've been invited to next year's festival!  Now that I know what to expect, I'll be better able to unload and set up the computers more quickly.

Robert Bernardo
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Dec. 1 Downtown L.A. Maker Faire photos

Jerold Kress lets attendees play music on C64 + Cynthcart.
Robert Bernardo and sister Resa
The exhibit was really, really popular!
The ID at our table
Jerold gives a talk on composing music.
Concentration is the key... winning!
Adults having fun with International Karate Ultimate
Playing music
Atari 800XL on the far right
(fifth photo courtesy of Rory Muir, last 5 photos courtesy of Los Angeles Public Library - Facebook)

The 2018 DTLA Maker Faire was a huge success not only for the event but also for the exhibit that we had there.  We set up the Classic Los Angeles Computers exhibit with a brown Commodore 64, a Commodore 128, an Amiga 2000, and an Atari 800XL, and we were showered with computer love throughout the day.  People were actually in line to use the computers!  The busiest times were the late morning and middle afternoon, and I didn't take a rest throughout that time, helping and answering questions about the systems.  The attendees had a big need for classic computer support, and I did my best to help them with computers not even at our exhibit, like Apple and IMSAI.

My thanks to SCCAN members Mario L., Rory M., Jerold K., and Jenna for lending their support.  The library seemed very pleased with our exhibit, and I have promised the exhibit will return for 2019.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group -
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -