Tuesday 23 August 2022

Photos of CLASS 2022

Saturday morning before the show

Still setting up

Ravi Abbott dj's his C= music...

...as we listen.

Right side of Marc Rifkin's tables

Left side of Marc's tables

Robert Bernardo's computers powered up

Raffle items to the left plus ticket bags

Robert Bernardo's A3000 playing music

Richard Goedeken's PAL C64 + Sony PVM-2020

That C= from Etsy was very bright!

Debbie L. at her admissions' table

A better view of the raffle goodies!

Robert Bernardo's B128 + 2031 + SFD-1001

Aw, a C16 that needs repair!

A500/Vampire 500 with dual monitors

Mario Luppi's Amiga 1000

Mario's laptop using Amiga/C64 Forever

All the beige machines!

Larry Anderson's Mini PET shows SD card contents

Lenard Roach's SX-64

Mario Luppi's Amiga 2000

Mario's C128DCR showing GEOS 128

Close-up of the raffle table

VIC-20 waiting for a game

Babylon 5-like image!

Another screen from Marc's set-up

Robert's restored A3000 shows the desktop.

Robert Bernardo's A500 + Vampire 500 v2

Running Larry Anderson's Mini PET

40th Anniversary C= Cake!

Snack table and hot dog machine

Ravi Abbott plays C= music for us!

One of Marc's machines showing artwork
Another Marc Rifkin machine

Yes!  Video Toaster!

Keyboard ready for Marc to play

Right side of Jim DiNunzio's exhibit

In the center is Jim's modded PET 2001.

Left side of his exhibit


It's taken awhile, but here are photos of the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2022 which was held on June 25-26 at the Burbank VFW Hall!  Photos courtesy of Mario Luppi


Robert Bernardo

Commodore Los Angeles Super Show - http://www.portcommodore.com/class