Saturday 16 November 2019

A Quick Trip to Amsterdam!

Trevor, Marvin, Chris, and Robert... the fancy Van der Walk Hotel
Saturday at the distillery
Lemony one on the right was good (no, not the glass of water)

Too many of the lemony ones!
Chris finds the Amiga Boing in the distillery!
Leo, Chris, Marvin, Marcel, Trevor, Robert, Omar
The canal near my hotel
Another look down the canal
Those are not the Amsterdam houseboats!
The breakfast/lunch diner a few blocks from my hotel
With a full English breakfast!
The wall of waving cats at HappyHappyJoyJoy
Supperclub before the performances begin
Karl and Kiki at Supperclub
Last night at a nearby restaurant
I wonder how well it goes around corners?
Kruidvat discount store next to Primera stationary
A pile of Dutch chocolates from Kruidvat!
On Oct. 31 I left California for a quick visit to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  Objective -- to meet up with Commodore and Amiga enthusiasts (who were also my friends).  The whirlwind trip had me busy on Nov. 1-3, and on the 4th and 5th I was able to slow down and see the sights around the neighborhood of my hotel, the Hotel Flipper.  On the 6th I was back in California!

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