Saturday 4 January 2020

Visiting The Other Group of Amigoids

Meeting at Mountain Mike's Pizza
Members have their kids visit, too.
Not C= or Amiga but a modded Atari 7800
Bogdan Macri Ultimate 64 with Kickstarter case, Mechboard64
I have visited The Other Group of Amigoids (TOGA) off and on for many years, but I don't recall ever posting any photos of a meeting.  Well, that flaw has been remedied!  :)  These pics are from the December, 2019 meeting.  For more information on TOGA, go to

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group -
Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -

Commodores/Amigas at Downtown L.A. Maker Faire 2019

Computers exhibited under Classic L.A. Computers
Jerold Kress interviewed on his C64 set-up
Texas Instruments TI-99 4/A, Amiga 3000, Ultimate 64
Robert Bernardo stands by the PAGO statue!
Another view
Playing Street Defender while Jerold stands by
Not at our exhibit but water drops suspended!
Incredible Musical Keyboard (near), C64VR (far)

At the December 7 Downtown Los Angeles Mini Maker Faire 2019, we had our computers on exhibit for the hundreds who passed by.  Thanks to SCCAN members Jerold Kress and Mario Luppi for their support at the show!  It was a big success!  For a report on DTLA Maker Faire, go to

(Photos by Robert Bernardo, except for the last photo by Gary)

Happy New Year!
Robert Bernardo
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