Wednesday 24 April 2024

Another Set of Pics from the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2024

These CLASS 2024 photos were grabbed from attendee Joe!  Thanks!


Robert Bernardo

organizer - Commodore Los Angeles Super Show

Playing with the computers
Testing out Grind on an emulator

David Pleasance selling

The prize Atari 2600+ sitting behind the C128

Donkey Kong 2016

Raffle prizes 1541-II and 1581

Our VFW venue

More of David's items for sale

Richard Goedeken's A1200 set-up

Space Invaders on the Mini PET

Use Amiga Forever or C64 Forever on the laptop

Video Toaster control board on screen

VIC-20 before the SD2IEC/RAM expander is plugged in.

Running another game

David's books for sale

Tank on the Ultimate 64!

Lots of boxed programs

Arkanoid on the A1200

For raffle - From Vultures to Vampires, CMD hard drive, Commodore keys

Mario Luppi's Plus/4 set-up

Some people from the VFW bar came to our show!

Commodore PC20-III

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