Thursday 6 July 2023

Pics/video #3 of the Pacific Commodore Expo 2023

 And even more pictures and one video of the Pacific Commodore Expo 2023, courtesy of Michelle.


Robert Bernardo - organizer, Pacific Commodore Expo NW


Trinkets on top of the MSD SD-2

The Commodore B128

Young's painting above the C128 Neo board

Close in on the Commodore Colt

C= clubs in Washington state

The PET 2001-N

One view of the room

Dan Sanderson (in blue) with others

The descriptive flyer

Another view of the PET 2001-N

Discussion by the tables

The left bank of computers

Ryan Sherwood looks

Sunday dinner after the show

Ryan Sherwood, leader of Puget Sound CUG

The MusicMate under the C64 box

Brian behind the monitor

Commander X16 in operation

Ryan in front of his exhibit

RGB-to-HDMI converter

Looking inside the Commodore Colt

Shot of the Mega65 slide on the projection screen

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