Tuesday 27 June 2023

Pacific Commodore Expo NW 2023 photos

 The June 24-25 Pacific Commodore Expo 2023 was a corker!  Below are photos from the event, detailing the machines and some of the people who made PaCommEx a whopping success! (The pics are not in order, i.e., please read the captions.)



Robert Bernardo

organizer - Pacific Commodore Expo



Darn! I missed getting a pic of it out of the box!

Mini C64 with working keyboard, miniature monitors

Colt to the left, B128 to the right

An A500 inside a Checkmate case

Ryan Sherwood's SX-64, C128DCR, and PET 2001/N

Examining what's on the Vampire v4

Stephen Jones' A2000 with 386 Bridgeboard & A-Max

Stephen Jones' Nabu PC

TheC64 on the left, classic C64 on the right

VIC-20 (left), Amiga 1200

Aw! The C16 worked at CLASS, failed at PaCommEx.

However, the Plus/4 was fine.

Amiga OS 4.1 working on a Sam440ep

The Commander X16

Sunday dinner after the close of the show

A familiar Commodore banner

Taking down the equipment on Sunday

Michelle and Younga laugh over something

Bernie and Devon

Stephen and a surprised Gordon

Daniela, Luca, and Riccardo

Sunday presentations

Intense playing on Sensible Soccer

Kent and Eric

Another look at the OS 4.1 on the Sam440ep

Saturday dinner (at the overflow table)

Saturday dinner (with the main group)

Aw! Waitress still cut off some people's faces in the shot.

Saturday's presentations

PaCommEx begins and then becomes crowded.

Younga painted this work of art!

The sandwich board with our info

The snack table would get more crowded with snacks.

Stephen setting up his exhibit

Mark setting up his Commander X16 next to the Plus/4

Looking over the machines during Friday set-up

Our venue at Old Rainier Brewery

M stands for Men's Restroom, not room M

Another view of the Intraspace

Pic courtesy of the Living Computers: Museum + Labs

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