Sunday, 8 August 2021

Photos of the July 18 FCUG meeting

After not meeting since November, 2020, the Fresno Commodore User Group had a meeting, resuming its schedule of monthly meetings.  All of us were fully COVID-vaccinated!  We were eager to discuss!  And we had 2 guests, Kevin Staszkow and Mike Samboy, who drove many hours to get to the meeting.  Below are photos of the event. (First 3 photos courtesy of David Smith)


Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group -

Robert with guests Mike and Kevin

Bruce N. listens while Robert points

Dick Estel ponders.

Most of the group gathers.

The UltraCart 128 from Shareware Plus

And its reference sheet for what's on the cart

Kevin explains the carts.

Documentation for the Black Magic cart

...which is another Shareware Plus product

A look inside at 2 of the 4 eproms

Oh, I don't think I have this book!

Behr-Bonz cart running on Roger's VIC-20

And Roger playing a game from it

From the Black Magic webpage

From the UltraCart 128 webpage

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