Saturday 15 June 2019

Second day pictures from PaCommEx 2019 and more

Amiga 500 Plus with Supra Turbo 28 accelerator
Tech Sketch Music Port connected to C64C
Playing a composition on the Music Port
Look at that control panel for the Music Port!
2-player competition with Street Fighter II Turbo and CD32
Using the homemade controller with the VIC-20
Amiga 600 autographed by William Shatner
Top view of the A600
A giant vodka pina colada!  (Not mine!)
From La Cocina & Cantina Santiago the next day
One week earlier Bill Shatner had autographed the...

 ...A600 and 1525 printer before the Hollywood Charity Horseshow.

Here are a few more photos, this time from June 9 at the Pacific Commodore Expo 2019 plus a couple of pics from the June 10 while I was still in Seattle, Washington.  The last 2 pics are from June 1, taken by Linda Trickey in Burbank, California. 

Back from PaCommEx,
Robert Bernardo
Pacific Commodore Expo NW -

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  1. That is so cool that William Shatner signed your Amiga. I still think back to the Commodore Pet in Kirk's apartment in Star Trek II.