Saturday 8 June 2019

First day at PaCommEx 2019

Before the Amiga 1000, there was the...
...Dynalogic Hyperion MS-DOS from Commodore!
The back of the machine
PlexiLaser case for the Ultimate 64!
Looking at the systems (as Eric turns away)
Adding new members to the Seattle C= Computing Club
C= key on the A1000 Development System
The other C= key on it
Quick on his feet with HardSync and the PSX dancepad
Justin lasted many minutes and was champion!
Handheld, the Hyperion doesn't weigh bad.
Hyperion with keyboard bay under it
A kind soul got the outputs to work on the Video Toaster!

On the June 8, the first full day of the Pacific Commodore Expo NW, the crowds were less than usual at the museum but happy to use the Commodores and Amigas.  Eric "AmigaLove" Hill's presentations on the Amiga 1000 Development System and the "new" Commodores (the Reloaded and the Ultimate) were particularly well-received.

Very tired after the day,
Robert Bernardo
Pacific Commodore Expo NW -

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