Monday 27 May 2019

Yet again more CLASS 2019 photos

Trying out the PET 4032
In discussion
Jason pets the Toolbox LA dog!
Debbie talks to Kenny.
Dan was our A/V guy.
Prepping for videography
Latest books and the old modems next to WiFi 64 modem
A lot of interest in Matt's set-ups
Nope, he couldn't drink that on the premises.
A lot of interest in Mario's A1000
And interest in the Amiga CD32
Nearing the end of the day
Plenty of SCCAN members at the show
Plenty of SCCAN #2
During Marc Rifkin's talk
Spellbound #2!
These are some more photos of the April 27-28 Commodore Los Angeles Super Show, this time provided by Uncle Spam.

Robert Bernardo
Commodore Los Angeles Super Show -
June 8-9 Pacific Commodore Expo NW -
August 10-11 Commodore Vegas Expo v15 -

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