Wednesday 22 May 2019

Bay Area Maker Faire 2019

Ultimate 64 next to Amiga 600
Spectrum 128 clone next to Amiga CD32
Two Vectrexes next to MiSTer running Space War
From, these books generated a lot of interest.
Poly-88 that would run Star Trek for most of the show
Atari boxes and software
Two of the three Ataris
And the other Atari
Friday night and the traditional paella served after the show
There was also vegetarian paella.
Adding shrimp to the chicken paella
Only a few tried the dance pad with the U64.
Next to our exhibit was the one for the Computer History Museum.
Robot take-over!
Gabriele Gorla (center) of GGLABS
Makers of little devices
One view of the booth
Another view of the booth
Unicart for the C64 or C128 (bottom view)
Unicart (top view)
GLINK-LT next to serial adapter
Our Vintage Computer Friends booth
That's the biggest skateboard!
Led by Erik Klein, the Vintage Computer Friends (classic computers) booth was once again at the giant Bay Area Maker Faire, held on May 17-19 in San Mateo (San Francisco area), California.  This year the booth was pushed to the back of the Expo Hall, instead of our usual central location.  This year we had less table space, and consequently, less computers to exhibit.  However, we still had hundreds coming through to see, to reminisce, and to discover the old and the new.

For a quick video look-around, go to

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