Friday 18 November 2016

In and around the Living Computer Museum

On the second floor, a VIC-20 being proudly shown
A block south of the LCM, Starbucks Headquarters
One of the spots where we can connect to power and video projection
Massive sound system

The giant screen we can use (projector not pictured)
The classroom/break-out room where we can have presentations
You can pull down power lines from the ceiling!
Back on the second floor, an A500 (mismarked as an A1000)
Computer cousins
A blue-labeled PET 2001
An exterior view of the LCM
Nearby Vietnamese restaurant open Saturday until 3 p.m.
Interior of Hooverville - our Saturday night dinner spot
Exterior of Hooverville (closed when the photo was taken)
Here are some photos inside and outside of Seattle's Living Computer Museum, our venue for the Pacific Commodore Expo NW.  I was not permitted to take a photo of the LCM's first floor exhibit area (where we will have PaCommEx), because it was still under construction, and it was to be a surprise when it opens.  However, I was able to take photos of the small details and of the classroom/break-out room.

Robert Bernardo
organizer - Pacific Commodore Expo NW

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