Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Get-Together after Dave Needle's Memorial

The meeting room above a shopping center
Very fancy!
Amiga Lorraine was displayed. 
Another view of the machine
Close into a board 
The obvious spot for the Portia chip pinout 
Side view 
Another side view 
Lots of wire-wrapping! 
Dave Needle's game - Change Lanes
Very rare! 
Very difficult to play! 
Mike Battilana in a piece of art! 
Dave's Amiga 1000 serial #1
Where the Japanese engineers autographed 
The proof! 
View of the rear 
Multi-tasking while running the Boing Ball demo 
Farewell, Dave.
On Saturday, March 12, memorial services for Amiga engineer Dave Needle were held at Greer Mortuary in Alameda, California.  Afterwards, a reception was held at the Grandview Pavilion.  After the reception, all were invited to a late-night get-together at a meeting room above a shopping center (oh, what was the name?).  In attendance were Amigans, such as Trevor Dickinson, Dale Luck, Bill Bosari, Mike Battilana, Leo Schwab, and more.  Above are photos from that get-together.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group


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