Monday 10 August 2015

Commodore 128 Video DAC vs. Commodore 128 VGA adapter

The topside of the Video DAC (left) and the VGA adapter 
The bottom of the Video DAC (left) and the VGA adapter
To settle some questions about the two devices, here are some photos of the older, no-longer-produced C128 Video DAC from Richard Goedeken of Fascination Software and the current C128 VGA adapter from John Carlsen of  You can see that the Video DAC is longer and thinner when compared to the VGA adapter.  The Video DAC has soldered-on wires to connect to the GBS-8220 for 80-column viewing on a VGA monitor; the VGA adapter has a wire block into which you insert the wires.  The VGA adapter uses surface-mounted parts with its chips mounted on the underside.

For more information on the C128 VGA adapter, go to

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