Saturday 1 August 2015

Photos from the Amiga 30th in California - Sunday, July 26

A well decked-out A1200
Gadzooks!  A Commodore 65!
Plus what looks to be the C65's 2-meg ram expander
On the wall near the C65
Dale Luck's SX-500
The rear of the SX-500
And its warning label!
The camera does not do justice when looking through CastAR.
What is seen when you're not wearing the CastAR glasses.
The well-equipped SACC Amiga 1000
Another A1000 with Transformer and Boing Ball tower
For those musically inclined
An Amiga 3000
That's a Phoenix board in that A1000.
The advert for the Phoenix
An Amiga 3000T
Yow, the Amiga AA3000 lives!
Moonquake with Amiga inside
See the Amiga board inside?!
Beth Richard's Amiga CDTV-CR
That CD32 system takes up a lot of room.
An Amiga 4000T
All built-in
Back to the description of the Amiga AA3000
The table for The Other Group of Amigoids club
O.K., I'm losing track... the A-EON table?
The Amiga Users of Calgary table
The Hyperion table
Goodies for sale!
Joe Torre tweaks the equipment.
Sunday night at Jacky's Pizza in Campbell
Tired, talkative, and hungry!
I finally had some time away from the videocamera in order to take some still photos.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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