Friday 20 May 2011

PET 8296-D waiting for me in England

(The above from Steve Gray's website)

When I arrive in England on June 8, I'm picking up a Commodore PET 8296-D. A former PET user did not want it and had delivered it to my base of operations in Haywards Heath. It's been waiting there several weeks. From his description, the PET does not display anything on the screen but comes with boxes of disks. When I met PET guru Mike Naberezny a few weeks ago, he figured that one or both PLAs have burned out in the 8296-D, a relatively easy fix in that the chips can be replaced with eproms with the appropriate code.

My problem is to transport the 8296-D back to the United States. If I have to, I guess I could carry it back on the plane as oversized luggage. A better idea would be to separate monitor away from the lower casing. Mike told me that it would be possible by taking the back off the monitor which would expose four bolts that hold the monitor casing to the lower casing. Remove the four bolts, and the 8296-D separates. I hope that a divided 8296-D is easier to transport than an undivided one.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
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