Monday 6 May 2024

Assembling the A1222+ from A-EON

Got the Demos, Games, Music drawers from Apollo OS

Where to get more stuff?  From an Apollo OS CF card!

Had to tweak the Archanoid for a better frame rate

Gotta try out a classic game!

After formatting, partitioning, and installing from recovery USB stick

Without prepping the hard drive, this is what we got.

Another view of the back

A view of the back

Radeon RX550 now installed.

A look at the cables going through the case

Lots of cables to wind through the case

Modded backplate now attached; the board now lays flat!

SSD drive in the case attached (above the p.s. in this pic)

Another view of the test fit

Another test fit of the A1222+ board

Made the round holes bigger, the 2 right rectangular ones lower

Another view of the power supply installed

With the 3D-printed backplate, the A1222+ board didn't lay flat.

Test-fitting the 3D-printed backplate that was provided

Another view of the power supply in the case

The power supply slips into the corner of the case

The power supply I got from Central Computers in Santa Clara

The case's features

A highly-rated case according to the Internet


Once again Blogger has put my photos in reverse order, even though I renamed them.  Oh, well, enjoy the pics of the assembly of the A1222+.  My thanks to Duncan M. of The Other Group of Amigoids and his expertise in putting the machine together; I would have done a hack job on it if I were to do it!


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