Thursday 28 December 2023

Vintage Computer Festivalers at Bay Area Maker Faire 2023

Whoa, I am tardy in posting these pics from the Oct. 20-22 weekend of the Bay Area Maker Faire in Vallejo, California, USA.  I brought the Commodore and Amiga computers, and friends brought their classic machines.  Plus there are some miscellaneous pics from other exhibits.


Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group -

Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -


Ultimate 64 (left) and Amiga 600

When the weekend began, the teens came to play!

Duncan M. brought Tandy 1000 (left) + BBC Micro (right)

Sign provided to us (and in the wrong building)

Another view of our tables

Room to show THEA500 Mini w/ Aminimiga desktop

The view outside the building

Tandy 1000

THEA500 Mini with carousel desktop

Mac PowerBook 1400C

Amiga 600 running AGS II

Ultimate 64 running Super Mario Bros.

BBC Micro

In the building next to us, there was this exhibit.

Gabriele Gorla next to his GGLabs table...

...and the items he was offering.


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