Saturday 6 May 2023

Venue for Pacific Commodore Expo NW

Some prospective attendees might want to see the venue before coming to the June 24-25 Pacific Commodore Expo NW.  Well, Stephen Jones provides some photos of the Old Rainier Brewery, the venue (Intraspace) at 3100 Airport Way S, Seattle, Washington 98134.  Remember... these are pics before we decorate the place for PaCommEx.  :)


Robert Bernardo

organizer -- Pacific Commodore Expo NW

Comfy sofas for lounging

We may need more tables.

A good number of chairs

The room itself (dog not included)

Interesting view

Projection screen and sound system

This way out

Wi-fi speed

Looking down the hall to the door

Looking the other way down the hall

We are in the short, brick building! Not the tall factory!

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