Wednesday 9 November 2022

Photos from Saturday's Amiwest Show 2022

Here are still shots from Saturday, Oct. 22, at the Amiwest Show 2022. Classic photos from Tim Jenison

Watch Kiki Stockhammer's presentation at



Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group -

Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -

Kiki gave photos after the dinner presentation.

Before Kiki started giving out photos

Tim Jenison, Kiki Stockhammer field questions.

...and continue to field questions.

Mark Randall (left) watches.

Kiki adjusts her microphone.

Before her talk, she adjusts the mic.

Kiki presenting at a German Amiga show

A better view of her at the German Amiga show

1994 Video Toaster team - Tim and Kiki in front

Classic photo of Tim at his workbench

Tim Jenison presents his Newtek slideshow.

Disguised Newtek offices

Prototype Video Toaster

Newtek team with Tim center front

Tim working away

The product before the Video Toaster

Jay Miner (left) and Tim Jenison

Tim continues his slideshow.

Prototype video capture device

Tim on the phone

R.J. Mical (left), Karl Miller, Kiki Stockhammer

Tim Jenision (background left), R.J., Kiki

Tim, Kiki, and Karl

Waiting for the doors to open for dinner

Duncan MacDougall's exhibit table(s)

Frances Bernier's exhibit table

R.J. Mical gives his presentation.

He thinks deeply.

Tim among the crowd.

Pizza at lunch time

Before a presentation (Bill and Jerry discuss)

One view of the room

Another view of the room

Tim, Kiki, and Karl

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