Saturday, 7 November 2020

More stuff from Ray Carlsen

Ray Carlsen picking up a package of parts
Three SX-64's repaired/upgraded by Ray

Upgrade ROMs in the 71's, device switches in the 41's

Ray Carlsen power supplies and C64-to-s-video cable

In an October visit to Ray Carlsen, I left him Commodore SX-64's to repair and upgrade and disk drives to clean, lube, and upgrade.  In a few days I came back, and all was repaired!  Ready to go!  I also bought a bunch of Commodore/Amiga external power supplies from him and a C64-to-s-video cable.


Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group -

Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network -


  1. Hi Ray!

    Stay warm, winter is coming!

  2. Awesome! Ray is THE MAN, respect to him!

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