Friday 29 May 2020

My visit to the Melbourne Amiga User Group

Most of us at the meeting
My A.L.I.C.E. laptop and the C64 DTV
Damien Stewart's Amiga 4000
An A500 needing repair
The spacious hall at Moonee Ponds
On March 5, 2020, I made my first visit to the Melbourne Amiga User Group in Moonee Ponds (a western suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).  Attendance was light, but the members were friendly.  My thanks to Michael Czajka, one of the group leaders, for transporting me, for showing interest, and for discussing Commodore and Amiga matters with me.

Robert Bernardo
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  1. Thanks for coming to a MAUG meeting. You made the meeting a lot more interesting. The meeting often only gets moving late at night. You must have got home well after 1 am?

    Usually there's a lot more going on. Feb/Mar is often slow as some people are on holiday. Usually we manage to plan a more interesting meeting if we know we have a visitor.

    We try to pick up anyone who is from out of town... and drop them off as well.




  4. Behind that partition is almost as much space again. And a store room. And a stage.