Thursday 19 September 2019

A Visit to the Seattle Commodore Computer Club

Which way to the meeting?
An original Amiga 1000 mouse
With the metal ball... but it tracks terribly!
In one room, huddled around to play Archon
It's down to the last two players!
In another room, hacking to happen
Free stuff from Ray Carlsen!
Pizza time!
The delicious pizza went fast!
Geoworks running on the Commodore PC20-III.
The C= PC20-III in all its glory!
GeoWrite now on the PC20-III
And now Atari GEM on the PC20-III!
A close-up of GEM
The back of the PC20-III with AdLib sound card
Amiga 2000 ready to be opened up
Amiga 3000 under repair
Operating on 2 machines - SX-64 and A2000
Fine soldering required
Disassembled A3000 brought in to connect to monitor
More freebies - disk box and Tunnels of Armageddon
The Compaq powers up but nobody has a DOS disk.

I visited the Seattle Commodore Computer Club on Sept. 11, 2019, in the trendy Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington, USA.  Here is what I captured on that evening.  My thanks to Eric Hill, leader of the club.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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