Friday 17 August 2018

Mario's CommVEx 2018 photos

Horseback rider crossing!

The super-accesorized C128DCR!
Sev's A1200 with Blizzard accelerator
Before the Plus/4 is set up
Before the Amiga CD32 is set up
Before the Amiga 600 is taken out of its carry box
The Ketek Command Center for the C128
Raffle prizes C128DCR, Colortone keyboard, and RAMLink
Raffle prizes C64C and Amiga 500
A CBM 8050 drive hiding inside the CBM box
Debbie holds up the "Commodore" calculator!
Her mission - to pack the all the freebies in the gift bags!
Stickers in the foreground and freebies in the back

Still setting-up
Jim Happel's VR64 entertains the attendees!
Amiga game Worthy running on an emulator
Sev goes over the commands.
Watching the video of how to wi-fi with the Commodore
The screen of the Commodore FM Module
Mario's laptop using its Amiga emulator to run a game\
Videotaping Richard during his talk
Still taping
Robert (right) explains the raffle.
Flappy Bird for the C64 up on the screen
The Plaza Hotel's new signage
More signage
North side of the Plaza Hotel
The big hole across the street was where the LV Club Hotel was.

A quick break
Luckily, the Hawaiian-themed California Hotel is still there.
Now a clear view of Binion's Hotel
The Amiga 500+ plays a new game!
That's a SupraTurbo28 on the A500's side.
Sunday schedule
Watching how a modded Kickstart disk works
First, practice with International Karate Ultimate
Then full out game play with IK Ultimate
Solar towers beaming their energy down
The town of Baker with the world's largest thermometer
One more view of Baker
These pics come from the cellphone of SCCAN member Mario L..  Can you guess which photos were taken on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the Commodore Vegas Expo?  :)  I'm glad for these pics, because I myself didn't take enough.

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