Wednesday 20 June 2018

Photos from Bay Area Maker Faire 2018

Amiga 2000 and SX-64
Looking at the Music Port box
VR64 goggles, Music Port, WiFi64 modem, SD2IEC, et al
The TI-99 plays the only demo ever created for it!
Dwight Elvey concentrates.
Altair 8800, Altair clones, and their displays
An Altair and an IMSAI
Computers brought in by Erik Klein
The Atari Corner!
(l to r) GRAM 4 meg, GRAM 1 meg, GRAM 512k
GLINK232-LT, GLINK232, GLINK (Turbo-232 clone), VideoDAC
Amiga items from GGLABS
Which way to go?!
Tech Sketch Music Port running on Sunday
Tinkling the ivories on the Music Port
Darn!  Why couldn't it be a Commodore monitor?!
The crowd around the Vintage Computer Festivalers tables
Trying out Oregon Trail on the Apple II
A look down the row of attendees using the computers
Next door was the Computer History Museum exhibit.
On the other side were the Monster 6502 people.
Playing Street Defender with VR64 and the SX-64
Ready to load up after the close on Sunday
Ready to leave on Sunday
Maker Faire Man overlooks the fairgrounds.
It was another grueling 3 days of the May 18-20 show, but hey, I'm getting used to it!  We survived the long hours and the hundreds and hundreds who came through our Vintage Computer Festivalers exhibit!  And as usual, we had our share of equipment failures, but we adapted to each situation.  Enjoy the pics!

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group -
August 11-12 Commodore Vegas Expo v14 2018 -

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