Monday 11 December 2017

Meeting Commodorians/Amigans at Amiga North Thames

AmigaOne board inside a Kickstarter case
Lots of cooling power
All the card slots
All the connections
All together
Steve C.'s collection of cartridges
Inside the Sound Expander
Outside the Sound Expander
This is nice!
Reset 64 magazine - the printed version
Fitting into a tower case
Yes, it all fits.
Must add more components
Another AmigaOne
And another
Steve C.'s C64 set-up
You guessed it... another AmigaOne.
Hey, what's that Mac Mini in the corner!
One view of the St. Mary Magdalene church hall
The other view of the church hall
Hey, I have this same tower sans the Amiga badge.
Michael Carrillo (foreground), leader of ANT
On Oct. 8 I visited the Amiga North Thames meeting in Enfield (north London).  Though I arrived an hour early, I had to leave early, too.  I could've stayed another hour or two.  Thanks to Chris F. who befriended me there and gave me a ride back to the train station.

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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