Sunday 11 June 2017

Saturday photos from PaCommEx

During a quiet time at the show
Ron Barlow (left) explains the GBA1000.
Inside the super Amiga 1000 - the GBA1000
Another close-up of the interior
More GBA1000 goodness
An Ethernet accessory for the GBA
This flaky Amiga 500 needs work!
Whoa!  Getting crowded now!
Lots of friendly talk!
SwiftLink RS-232 presentation by Kent Sullivan & Bryan Minugh
SwiftLink prototype
SwiftLink production #002
The SwiftLink-compatible Dialogue 128 package
Inside the package
Sparkly lights on the X-Pander 3-slot Cartridge Port Expnader
At the Hooverville Pub with lots of Mariner fans
Pizza and a soda for about $12
Guess which pizza it is!

Here are photos from the successful first day of the Pacific Commodore Expo in Seattle, Washington, USA!  See a quick video view of the Kent Sullivan / Bryan Minugh presentation on the SwiftLink RS-232 cartridge at

Robert Bernardo
June 10-11 Pacific Commodore Expo NW -
July 29-30 Commodore Vegas Expo v13 -

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