Sunday 17 August 2014

Plus/4 adapters for the Ray Carlsen power supply

Notice the keyway built into the square plug
Hand built from brass
I knew that Ray Carlsen had C128 adapters for his new C= power supplies, but for the Plus/4 he wanted users to cut off the power lead off of old Plus/4 power supplies and send the lead to him so that he could attach it to his new unit.  There just was no source for the Plus/4 square plug.  Well, now Ray can supply you a Plus/4 adapter with a new square plug.  He builds his Plus/4 adapters one at a time, fashioning the square metal plug out of a sheet of brass, molding the insert for the 4 pins, and building a keyway into the plug.  That is a lot of labor, a lot of hammering metal!  It takes him 30 to 40 minutes to construct one Plus/4 adapter.  The adapters cost $15 when bought with his p.s..  For a full view of the Plus/4 adapter, go to his website at

To read a full review of his new p.s., go to

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

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