Saturday 24 May 2014

May SCCAN and FCUG meetings

Jess C., Matt B., and Dan L. work on Jess' A1200
Matt's MIST computer next to the 256 meg ZorRAM
The bottom of the MIST
The back of the MIST
One view of the Raspberry PI with VICE
Another view
Bottom view
ZorRAM installed in my A3000
Gadzooks!  With ZorRAM, look at all that other (Fast) RAM!

This month's May SCCAN and FCUG meetings were very successful again.  Though I had brought Amiga and Commodore goodies for the SCCAN members to see, Jess C. made one of his infrequent visits -- this time with an ailing Amiga 1200.  We spent most of the meeting, trying to diagnose and cure the problems in the machine.  By the end of the meeting, several of the problems were fixed, and he was happy.  We also looked at Matt's pricey MIST (aMIga/atari ST) FPGA computer and a far cheaper Raspberry Pi running VICE (with its PET/VIC-20/C64/C128 emulations).

At the FCUG meeting, we covered a lot of ground (see ) and didn't get to all of it.  However, we were able to install ZorRAM in my Amiga 3000.

See the above photos,
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