Friday 12 August 2011

The Jumpdisk Preservation Project

The Jumpdisk Preservation Project was something I started in 2008, after I discovered that Amiga Jumpdisks were nowhere to be found on the internet (or otherwise).  My own disks were starting to fail, so I fixed what I could and archived the rest, then put that archive on-line with a simple web interface.  At first, these were on a Red Hat server I personally ran from my home using my high speed connection, then later I migrated the files to a paid host.  Three years later, I continue to ensure Jumpdisk is freely available to anyone who wants it.

While my collection represented the most complete collection available, it wasn't complete, and so I had called on others to help me.  My ultimate goal is to obtain each and every thing ever published by Jumpdisk, then create an ISO image of that collection to freely distribute and share, ensuring that Jumpdisk will live on.  Bear in mind that Jumpdisk was a commercial venture.  I started this project purely for historical archival purposes; but I would respect the wishes of Richard Ramella.  I paid for each and every issue I had, as I know how Richard felt about pirating.  I wish to make clear that this archive is not a pirate effort.

Recently, I got a message from Syd Bolton of the Personal Computer Museum.  Syd indicates that he's currently in possession of a unique collection of Jumpdisk disks, and wishes to contribute to the project.  It's giving, community-minded people like Syd who help to make the retro computing community great.  I look forward to Syd's contributions to the project, and have my fingers crossed that it will complete the collection.

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